Magnetic Strip Card

Magnetic Strip Card

Magnetic card can have different coercive force such as 300oe, 2750oe, etc.
1) Magnetic Card Size can be 86mm * 54mm, or some other special sizes customized.
2)Thickness: 0.76mm (Standard), 0.84mm, etc
3) Options: Low coercivity - LoCo: 300oe; High coercivity - HiCo: 2750oe
4) Magnetic stripe width options: Narrow band, wide band.
5)Magnetic strip option: black/red/brown/silver magnetic strip
6) Craft: Blank card, pre-printed card, embossing, numbering, for magnetic card etc.
7) Application: Member card/ VIP card/PVC card /Credit Cards/ Debit Cards/ Fidelity Cards
8) The information included in the magnetic stripe is generally bigger than rectangular yard. Can be divided into three independent magnetism ones in the magnetic stripe. Called TK1, TK2, TK3. TK1. Can write 79 letters or characters at most. TK2 can write 40 characters at most. TK3 can write 107 characters at most., Accord with the international standard ISO7810, 7811.

Product Origin: China
Model Number: 300oe, 2750oe
Brand Name: Non

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